Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Love Buns Giveaway

 Giveaway done by: Elitemama
About Little Love Buns:
The owner (Dallas) of the Little Love Buns is a wife and mother of 3. She started cloth diapering after the birth of her twins. Dallas loved the cute and affordable cloth diapers, but she had a hard time trying to find a detergent that she loved. She used several well known brands, but never seemed to find one the took care of all of her diaper issues. Dallas fought several battles when it came to the stink, stains, build up and irritation. 
After tons of research she had decided to make her own detergent. After many months of trying different recipes and having mothers that were cloth diapering try her products, Dallas finally came up with what she thought was the perfect recipe.
One of Dallas's children has very sensitive skin and eczema, so she want to come up with a detergent, wipe solution and soap that would help and not hurt the skin. She found ingredients that blended well together and it worked wonders for her. Dallas also found that after using the soap on her hands were not becoming fry from frequent washes. Dallas is proud and takes pride in making almost every product that she sells. She is proud of her product and hopes you are as well!

My review:
I had received a bag of the Love Buns detergent. I chose the Hawaiian Rain scent. Great scent! As for the detergent itself, it works great. The directions are simple and east to follow. When I say simple, I mean easy to understand. It's not confusing like other detergents that you have to read a few times over just to understand, lol. You can tell the the product is hand made from the packaging and labels on the package. Love the artwork on the bag.
Now the detergent works great. My son had a few poopy diapers... Hey, I'm not trying to gross you out, just letting you know the magic of the detergent and it ultimate power, lol. Well anyways, I washed the diapers with the Love Buns Detergent. WOW!!! This stuff works great. It removed all of the ickyness and there were no stains at all. The diapers smelled and looked great!!!
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Winner will receive a normal sized bag (48/96 wash loads)
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