Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Juppy Giveaway

 Welcome to my first review and giveaway! I have been given the wonderful opportunity to try a Juppy babywalker -  a new way for little ones to take their first steps without killing mom's or dad's back!

So we were given this Juppy to review with my 10 month old daughter, K,  who is on the verge of walking!K can stand on her own and bounce while standing, but hasn't quite put one foot in front of the other yet! She sort of does when using her front walker on wheels, stumbling along and sort of leaping forward (lol) but otherwise she still gets around by crawling.
So of course, we were excited to give the Juppy a try!

The first thing that I loved about it is that it’s personalized! You can have your child’s    name embroidered on it (as you can see on K’s), and choose either blue or pink lining!
Being  a girly girl, I of course chose pink!

The first thing I must say is, if you’ve used a jolly jumper bouncer with your little one, they may do just what my daughter did when I put her in the Juppy, start jumping!
The best way to get your little one started is to first stand them up on their own without holding the Juppy up, then guide their legs while holding the straps up. This is what worked best for our daughter anyway!
I found something she also enjoys is ‘riding’ on mommy’s feet while I walk!
The best thing about the Juppy as opposed to just holding your child’s hands in front of you as they walk is that it doesn’t strain your back!
I must also mention that it is a great arm workout for mom and dad!

If you’d like to know more about the Juppy, or to buy one, visit their site here!
To have a chance to win a personalized pink or blue Juppy, use the rafflecopter below! Open to USA and Canada.
Good luck!
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