Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soda Stream Review

I have had the chance to review a newer product called the Soda Stream. I seen this product in stores awhile ago and i wanted to try it out right away. You can only imagine how excited i was to get to review the Soda Stream! They sent me the soda stream with the CO2, along with 7 big bottles of flavors, a three pack of flavoring for water, and six smaller samples of different flavors. I could not wait to begin! Here is a video about the Soda Stream.

There are over thirty different flavors to choose from. You have the regular flavors, diet flavors, energy drinks, mywater, sparkling naturals, sparkling water, and sparkling teas. I'm a big root beer fan, so i decided to try root beer first. First of all we attached the CO2.

We then filled up the bottle with some water. Then you attach the bottle to the soda stream. Now was the fun part, making the fizz! There is a button you can press to make some fizz. The more times you press the button the more fizz your going to have. We pressed the button three times making it a medium amount of fizz.

After getting the amount of fizz we wanted we unattached the bottle. I then chose to pour in the root beer flavoring. I'm a huge root beer fan! I tilted the bottle a bit and slowly poured in the foot beer flavoring. Then i carefully mixed it by slowly shaking the bottle back and forth.

I was extremely happy with how the soda turned out. The root beer taste was so delicious! We also tried diet pink grapefruit and that was delicious as well. I also tried the diet cola. I was amazed how it tasted just like diet cola! I was very happy with the way the soda's turned out!

The soda stream is environmentally friendly. No more lugging and storing cans and bottles. You can save alot more space without the hassle of all the bottles or cans. You can save the planet by using the soda stream! No more using plastic bottles or cans! Did you know that bottled water is actually not safer then tap water? Bottled water is just a bigger waste of money. Less plastic waste is created by using the soda stream. Did you know that 80% of bottles in the US do not get recycled and actually end up in the landfill.

Did you know that the soda stream saves on average 2,000 bottles and cans each year from landfills! I'm very big into recycling and very earth friendly. I love to keep the earth as green as possible. The soda stream can defiantly help out my family and i will that. My husband drinks soda from a can everyday. With the soda stream we are able to cut out cans and drink out of one bottle! Much more earth friendly then those bottles and cans. The soda stream is going to save us alot of money as well. I'm extremely satisfied with this product and i encourage everybody to try out the soda stream and make a switch. 

(This review is 100% my own. I was given the soda stream to review.)

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