Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cookie Dough/Cupcake Bites

Have you ever made treats and ate the batter before you bake them? I'm guilty of doing that. Wouldn't it be nice to have a great treat that was like eating cookie dough or maybe cupcake dough... Well i was lucky enough to get to review the cookie dough and cupcake bites.

I was so excited to receive these. I opened them right up and went straight to the cookie dough bites. They tasted just like cookie dough. I love them! If you have ever made chocolate chip cookies and ate the dough, these taste just like that. I then went to open up the cupcake bites. These were really good. They tasted like the batter from making cupcakes as well as having sprinkles on them. YUM! These candies are safe to eat and better then eating the batter. We all know that the batter from any treats are bad for you. This is why these bites are such a great idea.

The cookie dough bites are egg free and safe to eat. They are coated in milk chocolate. The cupcake bites are one of the newest products made. The cupcake bites feature a cupcake center thats covered in frosting and topped off with sprinkles.

Check them out on facebook and check out there website to order some for yourself.

(This review is 100% my own. I was provided with these bites to review)

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Faye said...

Ew... I personally hated these two products! They tasted so artificial, and had horrible textures.